Building a Comprehensive Sponsorship Marketing Asset Inventory

Session Leader: Chris Reed

Before you can sell sponsorships, you need to know what you have to sell. Sure, you can put a name on that rink or make the free swim presented by ABC Company… but truly what is it that you have to sell and how do you catalogue it. As a municipality or public sector entity like a provincial park or such you have a series of comprehensive inventories at your disposal such as how many pick up trucks you have and when they are due for their next oil change. Or how many laptops you have and each of their depreciated value. You probably have at the local pool a good inventory system to know when to order more chlorine! But do you have a comprehensive inventory at your fingertips for building proposals that will be effective for selling and for partner outcomes?

This half day workshop will provide you with the tools of how to identify sponsorship assets that will sell and how to inventory them so you will always know how many of anything you have left to sell. The session will also take you beyond the traditional to identify assets beyond the obvious across facilities, programs, events and marketing and communications assets such as social media. And to top all of this off, the session will create a case study from the venue itself. With the WSC® Municipal Sponsorship Summit being held right in the City of Richmond Hill’s Performing Arts Centre you will have the opportunity to build-out performing arts centre assets through an on-site walk through. This experience will allow you to duplicate the process with your own rink or aquatic centre or playground or trail.

Come spend a half day with industry leader Chris Reed and learn how to build out a comprehensive inventory of assets, how to understand what to look for when building out this asset list and how to manage the inventory on an ongoing basis.

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