Prize per Referral Program

To reward referrals, we are introducing our “Prize per Referral program”.

You can earn benefits and discounts to your Summit experience by simply referring people. A referral is only considered successful once the person referred has paid and registered (and acknowledge your referral).

The more people you refer, the greater the benefits you receive. Only registrants who successfully refer two or more people are eligible for prizing. Here is the full breakdown of potential benefits/discounts:

  • 2 successful referrals = 1 free copy of the ‘Reality Check’ book
  • 3 successful referrals = 1 hotel nigh accommodation paid by the Summit
  • 4 successful referrals = A free ticket to next year’s 2026 Municipal Sponsorship Summit
  • 5 successful referrals = 10 free hours of consulting time with Brent and Partnership Group – Sponsorship Specialists®

Note: Prizes stack! That means someone who successfully manages 4 referrals receives a free ticket to the 2026 Summit as well as their hotel accommodations paid for the 2025 Summit and a free copy of the ‘Reality Check’ book. This “Prize per Referral program” will also be promoted within some of the Constant Contact email blasts promoting the Summit.

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Presenting Partner

Official Accommodation Partner