Understanding Municipal and Public Sector Sponsorship Marketing Landscape Today!

Understanding the municipal and public sector sponsorship landscape today is confusing.

For some, there seems to be a lack of sponsors, while other communities are doing multiple naming rights announcements! What is the best way to secure a naming right? How do we manage red tape and typical slow municipal decision-making processes? There are so many questions and seem to be so few answers. This half-day workshop will look to provide you with answers, discussion, and insights to better understand the landscape you are presently operating in.

The half-day workshop will focus on three key topics but will look to have open dialogue and discussion for the entire session. If the group wishes to focus on another area or we get sidetracked… that will be a good thing. The goal is to bring answers and clarity to you around managing this complicated landscape through both the session leader’s insights and the participation of the attendees.

Here are the key topics… knowing that we may focus on double these topics:

  • Defining the landscape today both for municipalities and the overall sponsorship landscape – what is new, what is changing, why, and how can you manage it better?
  • How can we effectively and cost-efficiently generate more sponsorship revenue money – do we outsource sales, or keep sales in-house… how do we get the council on board?
  • How do we build/develop relationships; build proposals that will work and renew opportunities?

These three topics are a starting point only. This highly interactive and engaging workshop will be facilitated to flow based on the registrants’ needs and how the topics flow. Be prepared to participate and be prepared to provide topics of interest in advance to the session leader!

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