Judy Haber

Founder, CEO and President of Performance Sponsorship Group (PSG)

Judy Haber is the founder, CEO and President of Performance Sponsorship Group (PSG). She is one of the most successful Sponsorship Sales Specialists in Canada and leads the municipal sector in naming rights and sponsorship closed deals. Having started her career in 1990 pricing, packaging, and selling event sponsorships, she then segued into Municipal sponsorship in 1996 when she identified Hummingbird as the Naming Rights partner for the former O’Keefe Centre.

Since then she has provided leadership to Municipal staff, Mayors, Chief Administrative Officers, City and Town Councilors on strategic sponsorship and naming rights strategies and sales process. In some cases, the counselling occurs months before that Town or City consider getting into the business of Corporate Sponsorship, Naming Rights and Marketing Partnerships.

Once the City is engaged in the business of Corporate Partnerships, she plays a pivotal role in ensuring all stakeholders (staff, councillors, community members, and local business) understand the value of working collaboratively with local companies who want to invest in their community.

Having received her Master’s in Kinesiology from the University of Western Ontario, she takes a great deal of pride working in the area of sports, leisure, and recreation. In addition, as a two time provincial tennis champion, Judy has spent many years as a coach and mentor and continues to enjoy providing those leadership skills to industry colleagues.

Judy Haber has consistently shown her ability to access corporate decision- makers and has enjoyed an enviable success rate in securing corporate sponsorships, partnerships and Naming Rights partners. She has negotiated with, and sold sponsorship packages to companies in categories that include: telecommunications, utility, home builders, land developers, paving, engineers, automotive, waste management, fitness manufacturers, media, real estate, brokers, retail, food and beverage, financial and insurance.

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