Determining the Market Value of You Sponsorship Marketing Assets

Session Leader: Chris Reed

Perhaps you attend the morning session on how to develop you list of assets. Or perhaps you already have your own list of assets. Now you need to determine what each of those assets is really worth in the marketplace! Gone are the days of “I think I can get this much or that amount” and putting a price tag on your naming right proposal based on pulling a number out of a hat. Also gone are the days of just comparing to the skate park naming the next city over just got a sponsorship for and then asking the same price! You need to truly determine what the real marketing value of each of your assets are worth… because your partner / sponsor will be asking how you came up with that dollar figure!

Today’s valuation processes have clearly moved beyond the guessing game and the old fashion “eyeballs” determination. Sure, you need to know how many people are going to “see” this exposure… but truly what is the visibility level. More importantly what is the retention level? How many times do they need to see that banner before they remember it… or how many times do they see it before they don’t even see the name anymore? What about the activation they need to undertake to position their brand, so it is more than just a logo on a field?

This half day workshop (3 hours) will provide you with those answers and more. Go away with the formulae that the sponsorship agencies use to determine values. Learn how much social media is worth or even exclusivity. And what is more this session will use a live case study of the Richmond Hill Performing Arts Centre to test your newfound valuation knowledge!

This session will help you to understand and provide you with the tools and insights to navigate the art and science of sponsorship valuation.

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